Fix-Bar Screwdriver Phillips

29.00118.00 (-33%)

HSN CODE: 82054000

62-256PH0 X 50MM10
62-257PH0 X 100MM10
62-258PH0 X 150MM10
62-259PH1 X 100MM10
62-260PH1 X 150MM10
62-261PH1 X 200MM10
62-262PH2 X 100MM10
62-263PH2 X 150MM10
62-264PH2 X 200MM10
62-265PH2 X 250MM10
62-266PH2 X 300MM10
62-267PH3 X 150MM10
62-268PH3 X 200MM10
62-269PH3 X 250MM10
62-270PH3 X 300MM10
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Features & Benefits :

  • Improved ergonomic design for maximum grip and torque
  • Chrome vanadium blade with tough hardened black oxide
  • Nickle plated bar for corrosion resistance
  • High quality, heat-treated plated bars for lasting “pro” performance and rust resistance.

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PH0 X 50MM, PH0 X 100MM, PH0 X 150MM, PH1 X 100MM, PH1 X 150MM, PH1 X 200MM, PH2 X 100MM, PH2 X 150MM, PH2 X 200MM, PH2 X 250MM, PH2 X 300MM, PH3 X 150MM, PH3 X 200MM, PH3 X 250MM, PH3 X 300MM

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Fix-Bar Screwdriver Phillips

29.00118.00 (-33%)

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